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Kaley Chu

Melbourne-based Kaley Chu is an author, speaker, people connector and Business Development Manager at Equi Wealth. In 2018, Kaley turned lunch into a life changing experience. Not just one lunch, but 100 of them with total strangers over the course of a year. After publishing a book based on her learnings, Kaley now shares her journey and the lessons distilled with the rest of the world. Described as one of the freshest new faces on the motivational speaking circuit, Kaley has polled higher in post-session feedback than most seasoned speakers.Her story has not only inspired many to get out of their comfort-zone, but it has also motivated entrepreneurs, franchisees and seasoned sales professionals to re-examine their business networking and connection strategies.100 Lunches with Stranger is her first book

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100 Lunches

100 Lunches was an inspiration from Kaley's 100 Lunches with Strangers challenge. He fascinating experience and success brought to the life various initiatives aim at empowering others to get our of their comfort zones and achieve greatness. 


Kaley found  herself in a humiliating situation because of her shyness. The Melbourne author decided that something had to change and pushed herself to accomplish an incredible challenge-to have lunch with one-hundred complete strangers. What came next completely changed Kaley’s life.In the new book, 100 Lunches with Strangers, Kaley shares how a shy immigrant girl became a successful ‘People Connector’ injust one year. When she finished the challenge, Kaley realised that not only had her confidence grown enormously, the experience had transformed every single aspect of her life, and decided to write a book to help others to get out of their comfort zone.Not only sharing Kaley’s fascinating personal journey, the book features 15 powerful life lessons exploring fear, mindset, diversity, patterns, judgement, understanding yourself and more. Kaley also shares the exact letter she used to ask strangers to lunch, as well as practical tips, reminders and insights to help readers better connect with people and live a more fulfilled life.A smart and engaging read for those looking to expand their personal experiences and professional networks,100 Lunches with Strangersshows that life truly begins at the end of yourcomfort zone. 

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100 Lunches intends to make it possible for people of all race, gender and social values to connect easily and build success stories ever after. Read more...



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